welcome to blue sky wild! We are a literate-advanced, mature, supernatural western roleplay staged in the heart of the American West in 1872 and exploring the tale of how the west was won! Our tale is set in the fictional land of the Northwind Basin, the land surrounding the two towns of Blackacre and Twin Gulch that sit on the border between New Mexico and Texas territories. As if gunslingers and bandits weren't enough to cause trouble for the Basin's folks, werewolves and vampires roam these parts at night raising hell for anyone they meet. With a war brewing between the werewolves and the vampire coven while the townsfolk remain unaware, whose side will you be on?
northwind basin
season: summer 1872
FORECAST: the texas summer is hot and dry and even the occasional storm offers little respite from the heat
Please be sure to post HERE by July 25th to save your characters!

MOST WANTED: Conclave and Grayhollow Leaders!

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 Occupation Claims, Job listings
almighty carb hoarder
PRONOUNS: she/her
RATING: Mature 18+
Occupation claim
Here you will find a list of the current occupations/jobs that are held by the characters around the site. This is NOT a comprehensive list of the occupations available and only shows the jobs that people currently have.

Please use the code below to claim your occupation and fill out the form with the appropriate membergroup color!

LYCAN - #1a6387
VAMPIRE - #ac2121
HUMAN - #427333

Farrow Creek Gang
Abraham Lewin | Alpha & gang leader
Nicholas Roman | Enforcer

Grayhollow Gang
Rebecca Beckett | Owner & Madame of the Henbane
Tobin Fletcher | Outlaw
Cobin Fletcher | Outlaw

The Conclave
Pearl Delacroix | Saloon girl & Conclave spy
Carmela Ortega | Fledgling
Armand Coulson | Pawnbroker & Acquisitions
Diego Ramos | Butcher
Johnny Carter | Worker at the Buckhorn Saloon

Civilians & Rogues
Charlotte Marlow | Rancher
Cordelia Marlow | Rancher
Clarissa Trevelyne | Rancher
Clifton Compton | Rancher
Millicent Courtwright | Mining Heiress
Winifred Tucker | Leatherworker
Clementine Ramsay | Saloon girl
Elizabeth Marston | Bounty Hunter
Judge Sawyer | Sawmill Owner
Henry Schuyler | Doctor
Cecilia Carrow | Drifter
Dante Rojas | Drifter
Elias Barrett | U.S. Marshal
Dante De Garcia | Stablehand
Waylan Drake | Twin Gulch Deputy
claim code
<a href=LINKTOUSERPROFILE><b><font color=GROUPCOLOR>First Last</b></font></a> | Occupation<br>
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