welcome to blue sky wild! We are a literate-advanced, mature, supernatural western roleplay staged in the heart of the American West in 1872 and exploring the tale of how the west was won! Our tale is set in the fictional land of the Northwind Basin, the land surrounding the two towns of Blackacre and Twin Gulch that sit on the border between New Mexico and Texas territories. As if gunslingers and bandits weren't enough to cause trouble for the Basin's folks, werewolves and vampires roam these parts at night raising hell for anyone they meet. With a war brewing between the werewolves and the vampire coven while the townsfolk remain unaware, whose side will you be on?
northwind basin
season: summer 1872
FORECAST: the texas summer is hot and dry and even the occasional storm offers little respite from the heat
Please be sure to post HERE by July 25th to save your characters!

MOST WANTED: Conclave and Grayhollow Leaders!

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 the courtwright mining company
Millicent Courtwright
RATING: Ask First
we do not sow
you'll find the all sundry types here and all belonging to the makings of the courtwright mining company. what you won't find are any farmers, ranchers, or field-hands. miners take what the land refuses to yield, make their fortune in the tangible and do not fear venturing into the dark. their families are made up of equally intrepid souls, each sacrificing in their own way to a life that sometimes offers little more than a caged canary's warning before it all gives way. you are welcome to approach me with alternative playbys or names. i am easiest to reach by way of the site's discord.
jermaine Courtwright
The founder and figurehead of the Courtwright Mining Company is a stern man who has built his life around profits and margins. Intimidating to most and unsympathetic to the rest, tenderness is not his strong suit and is often reserved for his ailing wife (tuberculosis) and his headstrong daughter. While the desperate panhandlers chase gold, he has amassed an enviable fortune in the mining of copper and the forethought of industrialization. He thrives on order and maintains it with an iron fist. The stories of monsters among his workers have persuaded him only to anger and he will have his return from the mountains one way or another. Alignment: True Neutral Race: Human Faction: Civilian, Mining Tycoon Suggested Playby: Pierce Brosnan in The Son
Loretta Stokes
Loretta counts herself lucky to have been taken in by her father's employer. After a mining accident left her an orphan, she came to live (and to serve) in the Courtwright home many years ago. She has a gentle nature that has known much by way of struggle, but she does her best to count herself blessed. Though Millie loves her as a sister, Lottie has not been the same since Edmond disappeared and that secret heartbreak is a difficult thing to hide and would be even more difficult to explain. Alignment: Lawful Good Race: Human Faction: Civilian, servant Suggested Playby: Carey Mulligan in Bleak House (& more)
Edmond Courtwright
The prodigal son. Edmond left to fight for the Northern side along with his cousin, Thomas, his sister's betrothed. Long lost, but never forgotten, he was mourned after he failed to return from the Civil War. He was once the uncontested heir to his father's fortune and the predestined life that came with such. He lost his youthful spark sometime long before the bloodshed began and he joined not with vigor, but a foreboding resignation that only Millicent noticed with dread. Known in polite society as a rather grim and somber individual, he was his sister's opposite and yet they were steadfastly close. He knew the type of man their cousin was, but like his own path, hers was predetermined as well. Thomas returned home alone, if only to die in seclusion at a Boston hospital, while Edmond simply disappeared. Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Vampire Faction: Conclave, New Acolyte Suggested Playby: Sam Riley in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
James Toomb
The same accident that took Loretta's father was the incident that keeps James from ever going back into the mines. For such a seemingly good and forthright man, he has many secrets: including what really happened during those days he and few other survivors were trapped inside, but he was the only man to ever see the sun again. He serves the household as security and an adviser in these troubled times and often butts heads with Jermaine in matters of safety and what is the best for the men who go down into the bowels of the earth. The Courtwrights have known and trusted him for a very long time, making his secret all the more deeply entombed. As for Millicent, there have been times she has thought him a more suited father-figure than her own living icon. Alignment: Lawful Good Race: Lycan Faction: Rogue, Associate Suggested Playby: Sean Bean in Frankenstein Chronicles
Amos Ryker
The security/enforcer side of the Pinkerton Agency. Amos was hired by Jermaine Courtwright to bring the mines to order, he is an irreligious and irreverent mercenary who takes his fancies wherever he pleases. Specializing in despicable work for wealthy men, his skill set far outweighs his manners, but when he takes a job, he sees it done. Its his aim to put a stop to the raids and quell the rabble-rousers who speak of monsters. He understands violence and cares little whether it be from men or beasts or perhaps he is unfazed because he has seen its like before. Alignment: Neutral Evil Race: Human Faction: Civilian, Pinkerton Agent Suggested Playby: Nicolaj Coster-Waldau in Blackthorn
Henry Ward
The detective/infiltration side of the Pinkerton Agency. Henry is a highly intelligent man and capable of masterful duplicity. He would have made a fine actor or even inspector, but the money in the agency is far better. A man adrift without family or many friends, he holds his isolation well and it is very difficult to tell when he is being disingenuous. The problems besetting the Courtwright mines drew his interest and he means to ferret out the truth by any means necessary. He has infiltrated not only social clubs of high society, but also poverty stricken worker's unions to dismantle them from the inside. Of the two hired guns, Millicent finds him far easier to communicate with, even if getting to know him better is like navigating a labyrinth. Alignment: Lawful Neutral Race: Human Faction: Civilian, Pinkerton Agent Suggested Playby: Daniel Radcliffe in Woman in Black
Samson Wilkes
Samson is a man acquainted with adversity. It took a lot of toil and time to become the foreman of the Northwind Mine and he is determined not to let superstitions stop him. He got his start in the delicate and dangerous art of demolitions and beggar the man who doubts his skill with a wick and stick of dynamite. Determined to grasp his 'better life' by the neck, his relations at home have suffered and only upon coming so close to losing Isabelle entirely has he taken a step back to realize it. Alignment: True Neutral Race: Human Faction: Civilian, Foreman Suggested Playby: Richie Campbell in Frankenstein Chronicles
A 'reformed' saloon girl, Isabelle is a charming woman who holds more sense of desire for life and all its discoveries than almost anyone. Being saved by Samson who wanted to take her away from that life was a younger Isabelle's dream. Now so far from the bustling cities, she began to better perceive that romantic dream and became embittered to it. Whore or one man's little wife, she tired of being left in some dreary homestead and of her beloved's absence. Returning to the work, however, may prove more than she can bear. Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Human Faction: Civilian, Henbane Girl(?) Suggest Playby: Gugu MBatha-Raw in Belle

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